ITYUG247 technical support


Save your expensive time and efforts to use them for something productive, we bring innovation, growth to your business. Our tech-friendly support team is out there to help our not so technical users. Feel confident because our reliable and trusted services help you with the most critical issues you face with software applications, operating systems, printers, games, web tools etc., ITYUG247 is wholeheartedly dedicated to deliver you faster upgrades, system updates, hardware drivers to keep you in pace with the interminable technological changes going on.

Our Services:

Support For Printers
* Configure network printer with your PC
* Resolve laser printer issues
* Wired & wireless printer setup
* Fixing Printer Turns off Automatically
* Installation of OS specific printer drivers
* Troubleshooting spooler error messages
* TCP/IP printer installation
* Fix Plug and Play error
Slow Computer Support
* PC tune-up
* Virus removal
* OS optimization
* Hard drive DE-fragmentation
* Registry cleaning
* Remove unnecessary programs
* Disk clean-up
* Clean Browsers
Virus And Malware Support
* Installation of compatible AntiVirus
* Configuration of AntiVirus
* Troubleshooting any kind of AntiVirus problem
* Installation of latest updates
* Virus Scan and Removal
* Upgrading the AntiVirus to latest version
* Helping you to activate the AntiVirus
* AntiVirus gets disabled automatically
Support For OS
* Desktop & laptop support
* OS support
* Blue screen error
* Error on start-up
* OS update
* OS firewall configuration
* Install & update drivers
* PC tune up
Website Services
* Website Creation & Updation
* Web Maintenance
* Search Engine Optimization
* Leads Generation
* Pay Per Click
* Brand Promotion
* Business Promotion
Support For Mac OS
* Printer connectivity
* Recovering OS X password
* Download & update
* Software installation
* Updating Apple Device software
* Tips to fix the slow iPhone sync problem
* Connecting Apple Device to Wireless router
* Pointers to boost performance on Mac Book Pro

Why Choose Us?

Ityug247 has a global reach and it takes just a call (+1-800-318-4042) to get instant, flexible options to prevent issues and to quickly resolve them. We have advanced tools to detect issues from computer, missing drivers and we also offer an unmatchable multi-vendor support, providing you solution for your problems under a single brand name. The technicians we employ are highly skilled and certified to give you unmatchable service experience.